The two C’s in golf

1. Confidence and 2. Consistency. Confidence. Us golfers are constantly reminded of how fragile it is, purely because the game we play is so difficult! But what does confidence actually mean? The definition of confidence is “The state of feeling certain about the outcome of an event or occurrence”. So, what gives a person certainty […]

10 reasons to take golf lessons

Here are my “top 10” reasons to take lessons 1. They’re fun! Lessons are both rewarding and an enjoyable experience. Having an expert in the golf swing exclusively working on your game is a real buzz and it’s the opportunity to really get a sound platform for a lifetime’s enjoyment. 2. Your PGA pro is […]

Do golf lessons really work?

I’m a very passionate coach and take the improvement of every golfer very seriously. I take care in guiding you as we together continually monitor results, scores and playing handicap improvements on the way. I also create personal practice drills and effective practice routines for your range time. During vigorous test cases I have measured […]